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Guide for District Unit Leaders

III.  Encampment logistics

E. Security.
1. Expectations regarding behavior of all Scouts, adult leaders, and staff.
All campers and staff members participating in the Mount Vernon Encampment should remember that they are guests of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association. Mount Vernon is a priceless historic treasure that should not be harmed in any way through the actions of participants. All participants should recognize the unique opportunity being provided them to camp and participate in special activities at the MVE.
2. NCAC volunteer security provisions.
A special volunteer security force headed by Richard Kline will oversee security within the campsite. This group will oversee traffic flow on Friday evening and Sunday morning and will work with Mount Vernon's professional security staff to ensure health, safety, and proper conduct of all participants throughout the encampment.
3. Mount Vernon security provisions.
Mount Vernon will have additional staff on the estate throughout the encampment to assist in the maintenance of health and safety and the protection of life and property.
4. Fire and ambulance service.
Mount Vernon has a working fire truck and trained fire fighters on the estate. Fairfax County police and fire stations are less than three miles from the estate, as is Inova Mount Vernon Hospital. For military personnel and their dependents, Fort Belvoir's hospital is only a few miles from the estate.
F. Emergency Contact Information.
1. Encampment administrative contact number(s).
[To be provided by November 1]
2. Mount Vernon security contact number(s).
[To be provided by November 1]


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