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The NCAC Colonial District Web site normally doesn't contain links to external Web sites, because we usually focus on activities within the district, because links are difficult for our small team of volunteer Webmeisters to maintain, and readily available search engines generally can do a offer and much broader and richer array of resources anyway.

Pinewood Derbies are a topic for which the range of WWW-based resources is especially notable, however.  Following are a few links that we hope will enable you to pursue some of these resources if you're seeking advice, whether as a Cub Scout trying to make a faster or showier car, an adult leader trying to run a more effective and enjoyable derby in your pack, or as a person just looking for some good laughs:

ChFlag29x24.gif (766 bytes) As is true with anything relating to Scouting, you should explore the Web site maintained by the U.S. Scouting Service Project, including its page on Pinewood Derbies at
ChFlag29x24.gif (766 bytes) You can also explore the Net Compass maintained by Scouter magazine at, typing in Pinewood Derby or any other terms to check out a rich array of sites.
ChFlag29x24.gif (766 bytes) The Net Compass or other search engines can take you to a number of individual pack or other district sites.  One worthy of special attention is maintained by Pack 215 in Walnut Creek, California.  This pack's site can be accessed at
ChFlag29x24.gif (766 bytes) In their search for maximum speed, some well-meaning but overzealous parents have been even sought wisdom from experts like Click and Clack, the Tappett Brothers, from the popular public radio show, Car Talk.  You can enjoy a lively e-mail debate that followed their conversation with a trying-to-be-helpful Mom at, and you can even hear the audio recording of that conversation at (go to Show 9706 about 80% of the way down the page).
(Cub Scout Parents:  Please note that this site is referenced only because we think you'll enjoy the verbal and written exchanges as much as we did.  If you find yourself stimpulated by some of the e-mail responses to start modifying your son's car to make it a "Sure Winner," go immediately to the Sportsmanship page associated with our humble Colonial District site, and keep your blankety-blank-blank paws away from his vehicle.)


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