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Colonial District
1999 Merit Badge Jamboree

January 9, 1999
Hayfield Secondary School
Fairfax County, Virginia

Despite cold and slushy conditions left over from snow that closed schools the day before, more than 200 Scouts and dozens of adult leaders made their way to Hayfield Secondary School for the Colonial District's first Merit Badge Jamboree.   Following an opening assembly, each Colonial Boy Scout paused only for an hour at lunch while attending up to six hours of classes that enabled him to complete many requirements for one or two merit badges.  More than 20 badges were offered, with an emphasis on providing Scouts with an opportunity to work on badges that they would not normally have access to in normal troop or summer camp settings.

Special thanks go to Lucy Mitchell, who directed this new activity, to Dave Stewart, who assisted her in overall instruction, to Wayne Spangler, who coordinated the lunch (which saw 80 pizzas consumed by the ravenous Scouts), and to the many counselors who gave their time to offer this diverse range of badges.

Following are photos of the day's events, which have been gathered into sections associated with different sets of badges or other activities. Click one of the words below to go to that section.  (If you prefer, you can use the "Next Page" and "Previous Page" links at the top and bottom of each album page to go through all the photos in sequence.)


Merit Badges

Chemistry Metalwork
Citizenship in the Community Model Design and Building
Collections Music
Crime Prevention Radio
Cycling Railroading
Electricity Space Exploration


Veterinary Medicine



Other Activities

Opening Ceremony Merit Badge Midway
Lunch Jamboree Administration


A Note About the Identification of Scouts:

The Internet has provided marvelous new ways to share information about upcoming events and activities as well as to reflect happily about events such as the Merit Badge Jamboree.  Regrettably, the Internet has been misused by some individuals to identify and target younger people.  The Colonial District wants to extoll the accomplishments of its youth members, but to protect their privacy, we will not provide the names of Scouts with their pictures, nor will we list their names in any other way that might possibly endanger them.


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