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Participant Application

The official registration form can be downloaded as a PDF file from the OA Lodge Web site.

Because of space limitations at Mount Vernon, only about 1,000 Scouts and another 150 adult leaders will be able to participate in two nights of camping as well as in the full  program Spirit of George Washington Encampment at Mount Vernon.  In order to ensure that all NCAC districts participate, districts will send one or two provisional units to represent them in this special event.   Each district has been notified of the maximum number of youth and adult members who can participate as members of its provisional unit(s).  (Click here to see the table listing the number of youth and adult positions reserved for each district.)

Scouts and adults seeking to participate in the encampment therefore must apply to become members of provisional units that will be formed by their district.  Each district will provide information about how Scouts and adults should apply to be members of their district's encampment contingent through the district newsletters, through handouts at roundtables, and on district Web sites.  (Click here for access to a page that lists all active NCAC district Web sites.)

Information about the procedures to use to apply to participate with a district contingent at the Mount Vernon encampment can also be obtained from the District Encampment Coordinator designated by the district Program Chair.  (Click here for a list of District Encampment Coordinators.)

Please check out the flyer being distributed to NCAC Scouts and Scouters through the Summer of 1999 for a brief form you can send to your District Encampment Coordinator to apply to participate in the Mount Vernon Encampment.  (Click here to see the flyer.)

Deadlines for submission of applications to participate in the Mount Vernon Encampment have been revised.  Applications now must be received by District Encampment Coordinators by no later than September 15, 1999.  If you are interested in participating, however, you are urged to apply as soon as possible.  If you delay and the spaces made available to your district have filled, your application will be accepted only on a "stand-by" basis.

The official registration form can be downloaded as a PDF file from the OA Lodge Web site.


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This site is provided as a service to Scouts and Scouters by the Colonial District, NCAC, BSA, which includes George Washington's Mount Vernon.  Although not an official site of the NCAC, BSA, or Mount Vernon, the site is maintained by Tom Baerwald, who has been appointed by the NCAC to direct the Mount Vernon Encampment, so information should be reasonably accurate.