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Sprit of George Washington Encampment Banner

District Coordinators for
the Mount Vernon Encampment

Scouts and adults seeking to participate in the encampment therefore must apply to become members of provisional units that will be formed by their district. 

District District Encampment Coordinator
Aquia Neil Mayhew
540/659-2502 (home); 703/642-0500 x. 108 (work); (home); (work)
Banneker T. Anthony Quinn
202/544-0488 (home)
Bull Run Austin Haynes
Chain Bridge William Lee
703/941-7331 (home)
Colonial Charles Traugh
703/719-5736 (home); 301/227-1552 (work); (home); (work)
Francis Scott Key Shawn Youngberg
301/695-5966 (home) (home)
George Mason Chuck Roy
703/225-4623 (home); 202/586-8977 (work)
Goose Creek Bernie Halprin (home)
Horizon Orlando Roebuck
301/847-8580 (home)
Mattaponi Joseph Powell
540/898-2710 (home)
Occoquan Randy Fillmore
703/491-3556 (home)
Old Dominion Joe Grant
703/569-7137 (home); 202/326-4010 (work)
Olde Mill Sandy Lutes
301/384-6138 (home)
or John McGovern
Patriot Dan Hurley
703/978-3011 (home); 202/482-1455 (work)
Patuxent Nicholas Dunten
301/927-0501 (home)
Piedmont Charles Trude
540/439-8926 (home)
Potomac Dan Shewbridge
301/762-5540 (home)
Powhaten Gregg Schwartz
703/787-9336 (home)
Seneca Henry Mastroni
301/963-9090 (home)
Southern Maryland Tom Hammett
301/952-7263 (work); 301/843-3423 (home)
Sully Vince DeStefano
703/830-6474 (home); 703/631-3502 (work); (work)
Two Rivers Bob Reinhard
301/567-0559 (home); 202/708-0614 x. 6339 (work); (home)


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This site is provided as a service to Scouts and Scouters by the Colonial District, NCAC, BSA, which includes George Washington's Mount Vernon.  Although not an official site of the NCAC, BSA, or Mount Vernon, the site is maintained by Tom Baerwald, who has been appointed by the NCAC to direct the Mount Vernon Encampment, so information should be reasonably accurate.