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Day Visitors Participation Form

As Scouts tour Mount Vernon on Saturday, November 6, 1999, their Scout leader or a parent should sign off on this form as they participate in activities at each station.  To assist them at many stations, Scout leaders (or parents) should obtain a copy of the Mount Vernon Historic Activities Guide. This guide has the questions and the key points to see at the buildings and stations in the program. This guide is free of charge and is available at the front gate.

Name of Scout  ______________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________


Scout Unit Number ____________________________________________

_______ Tour the mansion
_______ Tour the museum
_______ Tour the outbuildings
_______ Visit Washington's Tomb
_______ Visit the Rules of Civility display and vote on Rules of Civility for the 21st Century
_______ Learn military drills and skills from the First Maryland Regiment
_______ Play colonial games
_______ Learn about colonial surveying
_______ Meet George Washington
_______ Learn about colonial farming and visit the treading barn
_______ Visit the wharf and learn about the importance of water transportation during George Washington's time


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This site is provided as a service to Scouts and Scouters by the Colonial District, NCAC, BSA, which includes George Washington's Mount Vernon.  Although not an official site of the NCAC, BSA, or Mount Vernon, the site is maintained by Tom Baerwald, who has been appointed by the NCAC to direct the Mount Vernon Encampment, so information should be reasonably accurate.