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Request for "After-Action" Feedback
from Adult Leaders and Staff

If you participated in the NCAC Mount Vernon Encampment on November 5-7, 1999, as an adult leader or a staff member, please submit your comments regarding strengths and items for improvement for inclusion in the "after-action" report that MVE leaders are preparing.   This report will be designed to assist others who are planning future council-wide outdoor events, whether at Mount Vernon or in other settings.
How should you send your comments? Your humble Webmeister regrets that he has yet to figure out how to get FrontPage98 to prepare working forms that allow immediate electronic responses.  He therefore suggests that you block copy the following headings into a word-processing file, adding your responses and mailing them in, or into an e-mail program, adding your comments and then zapping them over the Internet.
By mail: Send your reponse to:
Thomas Baerwald
7735 Wellington Road
Alexandria VA  22306-2751
By e-mail: Send your e-mail message to Tom at both of the following addresses:
1.  Your name

2.  Your phone number and/or e-mail address

3.  Your role at the encampment (e.g., ASM of the XYZ District contingent or a member of the program staff working at the Wharf) 

4.  What things do you believe were positives regarding the MVE?   (These are things that should be kept in mind and replicated or adapted for future events like this.) 

5.  What things do you believe were areas or functions that should be improved at future events like this?  (If possible, please give suggestions regarding the kinds of improvements you think should be made.) 

6.  Do you believe that the NCAC should conduct council-wide weekend camping events like this in the future, or should the council concentrate on long-term camping and leave the planning and conduct of shorter-term camps to districts and units?  

7.  Would you recommend that efforts be made to hold future NCAC encampments at Mount Vernon in future years? 


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This site is provided as a service to Scouts and Scouters by the Colonial District, NCAC, BSA, which includes George Washington's Mount Vernon.  Although not an official site of the NCAC, BSA, or Mount Vernon, the site is maintained by Tom Baerwald, who has been appointed by the NCAC to direct the Mount Vernon Encampment, so information should be reasonably accurate.