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Colonial District, National Capital Area Council, BSA


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  1. Cars must comply with the printed rules contained in the derby car kits regarding car dimensions:
    - Width not to exceed 2-3/4 inches
    - Length not to exceed 7-3/8 inches
    - Weight not to exceed 5 ounces
  2. Stock axles and wheels contained in the kits must be used.
  3. No washers or bearings may be used on the wheels.
  4. No spring suspensions may be used.
  5. Wheels can not be altered to change the footprint. Mold seams may be removed, but wheels may not be narrowed, ridged, or otherwise changed.
  6. The wheel base may not be modified.
  7. Axles may be polished to remove burrs.
  8. Graphite is the only lubricant allowed.
  9. No hubcaps or wheel coverings may be used to hold graphite in.
  10. All weights must be securely fastened to car.
  11. No sliding or liquid based weights are allowed.
  12. Because of track timing sensors, it is not wise to design a car with a sharply pointed nose.
  13. If a car breaks down during a race, the repair or replacement of that part only is allowed if and only if it affects the basic performance of the car (i.e., a wheel or weight falls off). A car may be moved to a later race time or disqualified if the repairs will take a significant amount of time.
  14. In case of close calls or questions, the decision of the Derby Director(s) is final.
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