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Colonial District, National Capital Area Council, BSA


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  1. All participants must be registered through their pack. No scouts will be registered individually for this event.
  2. All cars entered must be made from official BSA Pinewood Derby kits.
  3. Cars entered for show will not be required to comply with the length, width, and weight rules, however they may not be taller than seven inches.
  4. Each car may only be entered in one category -- Show or Speed.
  5. Awards will be given for First, Second, and Third Place in each grade (Den level) for both Speed and Show. In the Speed category there will be awards for First, Second, and Third Place Overall Speed. In the Show category their will be awards for Most Awesome, Most Unusual, Most Futuristic, Most Innovative, and Most Humorous.
  6. Landmark Mall has once again opened their doors to our Pinewood Derby. All Scouts are expected to exhibit their best Scout behavior and manners and to exhibit good sportsmanship. No running, disruptive behavior, or playing on escalators will be allowed at any time. Scouts who fail to comply with this rule will forfeit their right to participate in the Pinewood Derby and will be asked to leave.
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