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Colonial District, National Capital Area Council, BSA


The Colonial District is proud of the accomplishments of its more than 2,500 youth members.  Following are links that will take you to some brief photo albums that depict the ceremonies that honor their accomplishments and some of the things the Scouts of done to earn their honors.  The following pages are a small sample of all of the outstanding work that Colonial Scouts accomplish.  In picturing some of our Scouts, we honor all Scouts registered with Colonial District units who are "doing their best" to advance themselves and society.


eagle-small.gif (2124 bytes) Troop 131 Eagle Court of Honor; January 1999


A Note About the Identification of Scouts:

The Internet has provided marvelous new ways to share information about Scouting activities as well as to reflect happily about past events and about the accomplishments of many Scouts.  Unfortunately, the Internet has been misused by some individuals to identify and target younger people.  The Colonial District wants to extoll the accomplishments of its youth members, but to protect their privacy, we will not provide the names of Scouts with their pictures, nor will we list their names in any other way that might possibly endanger them.  We regret that we cannot give our Scouts the full recognition they deserve.


Individuals who have photographs of Scouts in the Cub, Boy Scout, Varsity, Venturing, and Exploring programs undertaking work that helps them advance or being honored for work they have completed should contact Colonial District Vice Chair Tom Baerwald.  We can't promise how quickly we'll mount photos on this site or how many we'll use, but we will do our best to display a good cross-section of activities that show how Scouts improve their own skills and enhance their character while serving others.


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